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How to Spot a Coach Replica HandBag

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If you know what to look for, spotting a Choach replica handbag is really not that difficult. You just need to research the model you want to buy, compare fake purse with the genuine one and pay attention to a few details. And you don’t even need to see the products in person. You can do this from home, right in front of your computer. Below I am going to tell you all about the secrets of distinguishing a Choach knockoff from the genuine bag.

coach handbag 4

Coach is one of the most popular handbags designers on the planet and it has opened its first store numerous years ago. Over the years, it launched more and more new outlet stores, innovative purses and incredible deals for its customers. The best part about buying authentic Coach handbags is that you can even do it online…of course, if you can afford these pricey purses. But what I love the most about their online store is that they have very clear product pictures that you can zoom in and study even the smallest detail, marking or stiching of each purse.

coach handbag 5

The most practical way of spotting a Coach replica bag is to do a thorough comparison between the knockoff and the genuine product. This is just a guideline on what you should check very closely on a knockoff, but you don’t need to stop here. The Internet is full of information on how to differentiate a fake from a real Coach purse. Do your researches and you will surely end up buying a good quality imitation bag.

No doubt about it, Coach makes the most robust and durable purses on the market. It uses very good quality materials so don’t get fooled by delicate materials that look very delicate and flimsy. The leather or canvas of a Coach bag is sturdy and feels very thick.

Also, take a look at the lining, stitching, color and pattern of the material. It is all in the details. It must have an elegant and authentic shine, without any visible defects, scratches or imperfections.

Do not forget to check the hardware. This should be made from a solid and durable metal. Plus, the buckles need to close and open tightly. These should be anything, but loose.

coach handbag

Most of the above tips apply to replica bags that are bought from an actual store, but when you are purchasing Coach fake bags online, you can’t enjoy all these opportunities of verifying all the different aspects and details of the purse. You need to pay attention to totally different things.

First, let’s start with a fun fact about Coach handbags: Genuine Coach bags are manufactured in China. You weren’t expecting this, isn’t it? It’s the nacked truth. Some designer bags, like Coach and Tory Burch are manufactured in China and this means that replicating these brands comes really easy to fake manufacturers because it all goes down there, in China. So if you see “Made in China” on a Coach handbag that doesn’t mean it is a replica. This is what it says on all the tags of the genuine Coach purses.

coach handbag 1
Check the Coach Pattern. Count the “C”s

The monogram of Coach bags is represented by the repeated “C” letter. Of course, this type of monogram is highly replicated, but its style is very distinctive and not all replica manufacturers manage to clone it correctly. The trick here is to see if the two Cs pattern is present on each row and if these are rotated between horizontal and vertical. And let’s not forget that the CC must be connected at the serif.

The Coach dust bag is important

From my point of view, you must know from what materials and what colors is the Coach dust bagmade of. An authentic looking Coach dust bag needs to be brown with red stitching and drawstring, if you are buying a purse. But if you are looking to purchase an smaller accessory then the Coach dust bag should be white with a red Coach logo embossed on the bottom right corner.

coach handbag 2

The tags

The tags are also essential in buying a genuine looking Coach bag. These need to be made from the same material, located on the same position, have the same shape and color, and of course the same style of text. And let’s not ignore what the text says. This must be identical to the real thing.

Genuine leather Coach tags

The most important thing is to consider the year and the model of the Coach handbag. Coach uses both leather and metal tags for its purses. Thee vary from year to year and from model to model. Also, pay attention to whether the leters are centered and if the stitching is perfectly straight.

Genuine Coach Creed Patch

All Coach handbags have the creed patch at the interior, regardless of the year when the purse was made. The important thing is to check its appearence and the embossing type of the serial number. The older Coach models have the serial number embossed into the leather while the newer ones have it printed on the creed patch.

The text from the tags should always be in capital letters and the serial number should begin with “No”. Also, the serial number should include 2 letters, 2 numbers, one dash and 4-5 other numbers.

coach handbag 3

The above tips are some of the best ways of determining if a Coach handbag is a poorly made replica or a really good quality one even when you are ordering online. If any one of these details is different than the original Coach bag then you shouldn’t buy it. Stay away from cheap Coach replica bag to avoid being dissapointed when you buy knockoffs from home.

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Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Special Handbag Collection

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What if it’s your destiny to meet a Chanel bag that’s ‘cool’. A bag that is very humble and doesn’t need to brag.

You know.

A special bag that isn’t embellished with a CC logo or Chanel signature. The one that’s not crowded with quilted leathers.

Well, they exist ladies.

Introducing four special edition accessories that’s included in the Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Starting with the Chanel Travel Bag.

They are in blue and black. Both gorgeous and guaranteed to-die-for. The blue Travel Bag comes with a front zipped compartment, designed with a Chanel locker. Made from vinyl and calfskin, measuring 12.6’ x 18.1’ x 6.5’ inches (style code: 92805).


The second bag is the Chanel Large Travel Bag in Black. And all right, I take my words back. This bag is quilted all the way to Tokyo. It’s embellished with a front leather tag, which is crafted with Chanel signature. Also made in vinyl and calfskin, measuring 14.6’ x 23.2’ x 7.1’ inches (style code: A92802).


If you dream about Chanel and the beach, here’s a special edition Chanel Beachwear Set. If you own these, your friends have every reason to get jealous about it. Made in cotton and calfskin, the set includes a tote bag, a pouch and a towel, all in black and beige (style code: A73321).


The Trolley returns, now in black quilted and patent. What’s new (compared to the previous edition). Well, not much, but this one is designed in vinyl and calfskin, it features a telescopic handle and wheels. Measuring 22.8’ x 15.4’ x 8.7’ inches (style code: A92803).

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Introducing the Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag

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Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag 5

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A Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag

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This is the start of our contest and I couldn’t be more excited! Hope you are enjoying this as much as I do! The first review I received is of a replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag from but stay tuned because the rest will follow soon.

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Contest Review

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Contest Review

Now let’s hear it and don’t forget to look closely at the photos!

“Hello Eva!

This is my entry into the LV contest that you are hosting!

The bag that I am reviewing is the replica LV Neverfull in Damier Ebene. This tote was purchased from almost two years ago.

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Inside View

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Inside View

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Leather Shoulder Straps

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Leather Shoulder Straps

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Leather Handle Tab

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Leather Handle Tab

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag LV Engraved Brass Trimmings

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag LV Engraved Brass Trimmings

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Bottom View

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag Bottom View

Although it was purchased over a year ago, and the fact that I practically use it everyday, the bag still looks as new and has a long time to go! The quality is impeccable, especially for a replica. It wears over time just like an authentic Neverfull, which I actually own.

The canvas is soft, and the printed pattern is an exact mirror image of the authentic Damier Ebene canvas. There is a correct number of squares vertically and horizontally on each side. This pattern is also lined up perfectly with no crookedness or misalignment with the stitching. The stitching is even and consistent throughout the whole bag. The hardware is gold, and does not scratch easily and has not started to fade. The stamping on the pieces of hardware are mirror image to those on the authentic, as it is spaced out and not bulky. Lastly, although the interior of the bag looks funky because of the lighting in my picture, in person, the red interior is perfect.

Although my Neverfull from PV is a replica, I am confident about it and able to carry it everywhere! I even carried it into the LV store (looking at the classic monogram Neverfull) and an employee pointed out my bag and said she liked it!!!

In regards to the website where I purchased this bag, they were great. There were no technical errors I ran into with the website. There is not a complicated payment process, unlike many replica designer bags websites. The customer service was great and professional. Shipping was quick and came in the time frame that was said. That all said, I am very happy with my replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag purchase!

Thank you for the LV Capucines contest!”

Thank you for the review and good luck!

I am not going to make comments on the bag because I don’t want to influence anyone’s opinion. But what I can say is that I am impressed this LV replica is almost two years old…it looks brand new!

What do you girls think? Does this bag have your vote?

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Something you might not know about Chanel 2.55 handbag

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Handbags like a private little world to women,they are always hiding their little secret of romantic and tenderness in it,they put their pursuit of collection in it,handbangs look like a another themselves.Such as Chanel,which is put on the list “must-have of life” of each girl,every girl is dreaming of having a Chanel handbag, and that makes Chanel handbags outlet growing quickly.

Chanel 2.55 bags are the series which is considered as the most classic handbag and Chanel 2.55 handbags are driving women of the whole world into crazy,it is said that Chanel 2.55 handbag are the No.1 of best seller.Whether it is true or not,Chanel 2.55 handbag tells us that how popular it is.As a fashion icon,maybe you can say that you are familiar with Chanel in a pride,but there are something you might not know about Chanel handbag,let’ s know more about Coco Chanel and the handbag under her name.
Thanks to Coco Chanel,today we can have Chanel 2.55 handbag in our life.In February,1955,Coco Chanel released a series of a metal chain with a square double clamshell package,and that was the famous so-called Chanel 2.55 handbag.Over these years,from all aspects of materials,chain design,clamshell design to locking head design,which are emerging more designs,however the fine work ship of Chanel 2.55 handbag has never changed.No matter the tailoring,fitting,sewing,or the cut,stitching and zippers,every process has been designed carefully.All handbags are produced in the factory which are closed to Paris a few miles,each process requires six workers spending 10 hours,and a handbag is needed 180 processes to finish. Purhaps the strict of work is the reason why Chanel handbag costs such a good price.

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