Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora vs Real: When The Price Is Too Good To Be True

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You can already find two detailed posts on how to spot a replica Givenchy Antigona bag and also plenty of replica handbags reviews that will help you learn how to stay away from bad fakes. So this time I want to write more about another Givenchy bag replica that’s also very popular, the Pandora messenger bag.

I will also make a few mentions on other popular styles from the brand, such as the replica Givenchy Rottweiler bag or the Givenchy Lucrezia bag. When it comes to celebrity favorites, I don’t think there’s a Givenchy bag that could ever surpass the Antigona’s wild popularity. Still, if there’s a certain Givenchy bag replica you’d like to know more about, just let me know.

Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora vs Real

I recently received an email from a reader who wanted me to authenticate her Givenchy Pandora bag in distressed leather:

“Hi Eva!

I came accross your blog as I was browsing pics of real vs fake givenchy Pandora. I really want to buy this bag. (Photos attached) The seller says all her bags were from an auction in Japan where they get luxury nags in . Thank you so much for your help and I await your reply.
More power to you and you blog!”

Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora Front

Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora Overall View

Replica Givenchy Pandora Bag Back Details

Replica Givenchy Pandora Bag Back

Replica Givenchy Pandora Bag Distressed Leather

Replica Givenchy Pandora Bag Leather Zoom

Replica Givenchy Pandora Bag Back Zipper

Replica Givenchy Pandora Bag Zipper Detail

Pandora Givenchy Bag Replica Interior Leather Tag

Pandora Givenchy Bag Replica Interior Tag Is Wrong

Fake Givenchy Pandora Serial Number

Fake Givenchy Pandora Serial Number Giveaway

I had to tell my friend that unfortunately the seller was lying and that the Pepe Pandora bag in the photos was in fact a Givenchy bag replica. How was I able to tell? Well, I just had to look at the inside tag. It’s a dead giveaway since authentic Givenchy Pandora bags do not feature this type of tag, no matter the size. Here’s an example of a real Givenchy Pandora inside stamp. See how different they are? Everything about this fake Givenchy Pandora tag is wrong.

Authentic Givenchy Pandora Inside Leather Tag

Real Givenchy Pandora Logo Stamp

You can also tell by looking at the serial number leather tag. The shape of the tag is wrong and so is the font. Not to mention the embossing is so bad it’s really hard to tell what’s stamped on it.

Here are some other examples of fake Givenchy inside tags. If you find something similar in a Givenchy bag you’re interested in, be careful:

Fake Givenchy Bag Inside Leather Tag

Fake Givenchy Bag Inside Logo

Fake Givenchy Bag Serial Number Leather Tag

Fake Givenchy Bag Serial Number Stamp

Fake Givenchy Pandora Bag Interior Flaws

Fake Givenchy Pandora Bag Serial Number and Logo Tags

My later then told me this:

“Thank you so much for replying so quickly. She is selling it for $200 because it’s pre-owned as per the seller. They actually have a lot branded bags and are selling like hotcakes because it’s very cheap.

Thank you for confirming that it’s fake, Eva! I was actually about to buy it!”

Well, given the fact that it only cost $200, it’s no wonder it’s a Givenchy bag replica. This doesn’t change the fact that the seller shouldn’t have lied about it! But this doesn’t really surprise me anymore, so pay a lot of attention! And like I’ve said before: if the price sounds too good to be true, in most cases it actually is.

Even though the replica Givenchy Rottweiler bag is not as popular as it used to be, it is still one of the biggest hits of the brand. I’ve seen a lot of copies and dupes that were made after this bag and usually the easiest way to spot a fake is to check the colors in the print. But you first have to know how the real one looks like to tell the fake. So here are some comparison photos that will make it easier for you to notice the differences between the real and the Givenchy bag replica. There are no less than 4 replica Givenchy Rottweiler bags below and each of them has a different print with different colors, but none of them has the right ones.

Replica Givenchy Rottweiler Bag Design and Colors

Replica Givenchy Rottweiler Bags – The Print Is Wrong

Like I was saying, bags like the Givenchy Lucrezia are not as sought-after as the Antigona Givenchy bag replica. Still, if you’re interested in this style and want to spot a fake, start with the logo in the front. It’s the same as the Antigona logo, so the same rules apply. Check the font and the thickness of the metal letters, the distance between the letters and make sure the logo is not crooked. Then check the inside tag with the “Givenchy Made In Italy” stamp. Again, you need to follow the same rules as in the case of the Antigona. Here’s an example of a real vs fake Givenchy Lucrezia inside stamp:

Real Givenchy Lucrezia Bag Interior Stamp

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag Inside Tag Detail

Fake Givenchy Lucrezia Bag Interior Stamp

Fake Givenchy Lucrezia Bag Inside Stamp – Font and Size are Wrong

I’m proud to say I was the first to write an extensive guide on how to spot a knockoff Givenchy Antigona bag. Right now you can’t find a guide on how to spot a fake Givenchy Pandora or how to spot a fake Givenchy Lucrezia bag but I’m willing to write more about those styles if you girls are interested. So just let me know, okay?

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Givenchy Leather Guide

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Givenchy Calf Leather
When it comes to Givenchy Calf Leather, there’s so many positive benefits it’s not even funny. It’s the go-to option for the majority of women due to its price, its appearance, and its functionality. It’s a lightweight leather that looks magnificent in any color, and its buttery smooth texture won’t get rough with time. It is practically resilient to everything and is not prone to scratches or scuffs in the slightest. Definitely a top notch leather with a sleek and slick appearance that is absolutely beautiful in every way. If you want an easy-to-use leather that won’t be easily damaged, this is a wonderful choice.


Givenchy Lambskin Leather
To put it plainly, Givenchy Lambskin Leather is gorgeous. It is delicately soft and has a beautiful texture with slight grainy detailing. Being one of the most lightweight leathers on the market, it’s a great option for bags or other items that will be used often. However, delicate lambskin should be handled with care as it is more prone to marks and scratches than other leathers. Choosing a bag in a darker color is a wonderful choice as the color will cover up smaller scratches that don’t need professional care.


Givenchy Sheep Leather
Sheep leather is a big hit in the fashion industry, and for good reason too. This tough-as-nails material is not only incredibly durable, but is also light as a feather. It can withstand almost anything and isn’t prone to scratches and scuffs like most other leathers, making it a great option for bags you’ll use often. Givenchy Sheep Leather is also insanely gorgeous, with a wrinkled, funky texture that many women adore. If you’re not into the sleek and mod look or just want to switch it up, Givenchy Sheep Leather is highly recommended.


Givenchy Patent Leather
Givenchy Patent Leather is unlike any other patent leather on the market. Nine times out of ten, women are afraid of choosing this type of leather as it’s a grounding point for scuffs, scratches, fingerprints- the list goes on and on. However, Givenchy’s patent leather is extremely hardy and actually makes for a wonderful leather on everyday items. Thanks to its plastic covering and wrinkled/washed appearance, Givenchy Patent Leather won’t be ruined by water and can handle almost anything- including those pesky fingerprints that never cease to disappear. All in all, Givenchy Patent Leather gives you that old school 50’s feel that is chic and swank- without all the mess and worry of traditional patent leather.


Givenchy Buffalo Leather
If you’re looking for a leather that is totally exotic in every sense of the word, then you may as well choose Givenchy Buffalo Leather. This outstanding leather comes with a unique out appearance that has a natural wrinkled textured that is both funky and modern. It’s a wonderful sight and fairly easy to take care of- just taking regular precautions to not damage your bag will work fine. The only downfall to buffalo leather is that is can be a lot heavier than other leathers, which can leave your bag with an overbearing feeling (especially if you’re one too stuff your bag with items).


Givenchy Goat Leather
Givenchy Goat Leather is an astoundingly beautiful sight. It comes with a natural wrinkled appearance that is both casual and cool. This sophisticated leather is surprisingly lightweight, which means carrying around your goat leather items is a breeze. Another positive benefit of this particular leather is that it’s fairly durable and can be worn day in and day out without worry of scratches. However, goat leather has a rather sturdy and rough feel to touch that some are turned off by.


Givenchy Smooth Versus Grained Leather
When it comes to choosing between Givenchy Smooth or Givenchy Grained Leather, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Both are gorgeous to sight and have their positives and negatives. For one, the smooth leather has a more sophisticated and elegant appearance that can easily be dressed up or down. However, scratches and scuffs may show up more easily on this sleek and modern surface. On the other hand, grained leather has a more casual and fun appearance with a funky texture many adore. It’s less prone to scratching or other mishaps, and if such scuffs do occur, they won’t be as noticeable thanks to the engraved pebbles. So which one is right for you? It all depends on whether you want a super sleek or funky, trendy look!


What is Zanzi Leather?
Don’t be alarmed the next time you see the word ‘zanzi leather’. Zanzi leather is simply just lambskin, otherwise known as the softest and most delicate leathers on the market. Lambskin is smooth and creamy with a decadent texture that looks great on every bag. However, you must take special precaution with this delicate leather as it can easily be damaged with scuffs and scrapes.

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If you need surprises then take a chance on Givenchy. The bags are never boring and each season Riccardo Tisci designed something unique for your closet (unique with personality!). For the Spring 2016, Riccardo was inspired by pink leopard print, yes…leopard with pink!


What’s more? We need to serious talk about the new bag that was introduced in the last season. You see, this new bag…funny enough we’ve found two names; one is the New Line Flap Bag and the second name is the Givenchy Bow Cut Flap Bag.

The Givenchy Bow Cut Bag is like being covered with a shell on the head – the shell is really a flap. The front is featured with a gorgeous closure and below printed with the brand’s logo ‘Givenchy Paris’. You will also love the chain, simply stunning!

READ: Givenchy Bow Cut Chain Wallet

READ: Givenchy Bow Cut Flap Bag


The Bow Cut Bag will be introduced with many prints and even in python. For those that love single colors, pick black or white…or grey.

Check them all out here…
















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Today, we’re going in for the kill (in fashion) with the Givenchy Pandora Box Mini Patent Leather Shoulder Bag. The piece is indeed a game changer – a sophisticated yet edgy take on the classic structured shoulder. If you’re up for some basic pieces, then this baby is something you should consider adding to your collection.

As we all know, the Pandora has been capturing our hearts for some time now. It is a very famous line of bags. What’s special about this piece is that it has been zapped into a cute size, and that it’s made out of glossy burgundy patent leather, which gives it a great shine.

The bag is fastened with a concealed clasp, while a pale gold-tone zipped pocket adorns the front part. The urban chic gal will love this piece, even the conservative classics!

Priced at $1,950 USD or €1,350 EUR, you can get your very own Pandora Box Mini Patent Leather Shoulder Bag via MyTheresa. Rock it!




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Street Snaps: Givenchy Antigona Suede Tote Bags

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Do you have any idea what kind of leather this is?

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish. The term comes from the French ‘gants de Suède’, which literally means ‘swedish gloves’.

READ: Givenchy Mini Antigona Bags in Suede

The leather is smooth and velvet-like.

If this handbag was made in velvet, it would be cheaper. But Suede is more durable and in the end, it’s real leather, which is why it’s as pricey as grained leather.

The Givenchy Antigona Suede Tote Bags are special edition for the Spring 2015 Collection. Suede gives you a total different experience than other leathers. It’s extra smooth and also a bit harder to maintain. Generally the best way to take care of Suede is to use dry sponge or suede brush to get dust or dirt of.

As you can see on the images, the colors are sharper and brighter. These Givenchy Antigona Tote are made from bull leather. It’s a cool choice for the new season.

So are you in?



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I Did It! Introducing My New Givenchy Antigona

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Givenchy Antigona

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you for help deciding between a grey or pink Givenchy Antigona. If you follow us on Instagram, you know I’ve made my decision: the winner is PINK!

Truth be told, after asking you and reading every single response, I was leaning towards grey. It’s so incredibly versatile, and I knew I would carry the grey bag not only for seasons to come, but for years to come. Plus, that specific grey looks to be just about as perfect as it gets. It was decided, and Vlad also gave me his grey nod of approval. Everything changed, though, when I saw a tweet from our friend Dina letting me know the pink version I loved was marked down on RueLaLa.

I opened RueLaLa as quickly as I could and saw there was one pink Antigona left, so I added it to my cart as quickly as my fingers allowed and clicked “purchase.” The pink baby was going to be mine, and at a very nice discount.

The retail price for the small Antigona is $2,280, but I got mine for $1,499.99, a substantial $780 off retail. All of a sudden, this purchase became my second best bag deal ever (after myProenza Schouler Crocodile PS1, of course).

I wasn’t sure if I would feel like I got my second choice when the bag arrived in the mail, and to be frank, I was a bit worried that would happen. In reality, it was quite the opposite. The box arrived and I carefully pulled the bag out of the dustbag, and I was completely smitten. The color was a bit deeper, but still as pretty and delicate as I imagined.

I never thought I’d be the girl with the perfectly pink bag, but now I have it and I love it. The Antigona lured me in many seasons ago, and I’ve been drawn to it ever since. I’m so happy I got the pink, and even more thrilled I got it for such a great deal.

If you’re looking for a bag at a great price, definitely check out RueLaLa. Expect to see many more pictures and a full review of my pretty in pink Antigona soon.

Givenchy Antigona Pink-2

Givenchy Antigona Pink-3

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