This Blue Gucci Dionysus GG Blooms Bag is Making Me Feel the Opposite of Blue

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Right off the bat you know I love Gucci. I loved the bags before Alessandro took over including theBamboo, Jackie Soft, and Lady Web and I’ve been on the edge of my seat with the new direction especially fond of the Dionysus. I wasn’t sure until I laid my hands on a Dionysus just how amazing it really was. In pictures the bag is pretty and different but when you actually get to try it out, you may find yourself just as in love as I am.

Many more Gucci bags have come onto the scene and there are plenty that I love, but I haven’t purchased a Dionysus yet and I can’t seem to stop checking them out when I spot one. This version, the Gucci Dionysus GG Blooms Bag in blue, stopped me in my tracks and had me doing many double takes. While I haven’t seen this exact version in person, I am really intrigued. While many of these bags do feature the GG supreme canvas print, this bag stands out because the GG’s are in a deep blue. Typically you’ll find them in classic Gucci brown which coincides with the tan canvas, but the blue is something different.

I ended up loving the Blooms Print Dionysus when we first photographed it, it really stood out in person. The cool thing is there’s blue suede trim peeking out, hand-painted edges, and the blooms print on the front and back of the bag. Antiqued silver hardware doesn’t distract and the chain strap can easily be doubled or worn longer, whichever you choose. On the inside you’ll find suede lining and a center zip compartment, which allows for easy internal separation. Overall dimensions are 8″H x 12″W x 4″D and simply put this bag is just lovely. I’ve come back to the Dionysus so many times that I think I’m trying to tell myself something: pick one already and buy it. Buy this version via Neiman Marcus for $2,400.

Gucci Dionysus GG Blooms Medium Shoulder Bag 1

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Gucci’s big promise, the Dionysus Blooms Bag has been featured again and again in ad campaigns. And its really exciting, especially the new prints with peacock and flowers with bees.

Well, I thought maybe we should take a closer look at the bag, shall we?

The first thing that should come to your mind is the GG Canvas cover, which is an iconic pattern of the house. The new closure is designed with textured tiger head, which adds a bit of vintage.

The bag comes with a sliding chain and can be worn multiple ways like on your shoulder but also as a top handle bag. You can check the craftsmanship in the details like the hand-stitched patterns and even the edges are hand-painted.

So what do you think about this bag. A Go or a No?

Measuring 12’ x 8’ x 4’ inches (W x H x D), priced at $2700 USD.


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Gucci Dionysus: One of Fall 2015’s Hottest Bags

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Alessandro Michele was promoted from head accessories designer to creative director atGucci just before the Fall 2015 collection was set to debut. Many eagerly awaited the debut of Gucci’s new direction, and Michele did not disappoint; his debut was full of 70s glamor and relaxed luxury.

We were intrigued to see what the former accessories designer would do with when it came to the handbags, and Michele chose to introduce one new runway bag and offer a variety of options. The Gucci Dionysus bag is the brand’s biggest bag of Fall 2015, and we took some photos of our favorite versions of this new design to give you a closer look.

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag, $2,400 via Gucci

With his deep understanding of the archives, Alessandro Michele created the Dionysus to combine a peek at the past with a new touch. The bag features GG Supreme Canvas with the standout tiger head spur closure. The bag is finished with a sliding chain strap that can be worn multiple ways, easily transitioning between shoulder bag and top handle.

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag, $2,400 via Gucci

Above, you see the Blooms print, which was a common theme in the collection. This version of the bag is my favorite; it provides a feminine touch that breaks up the GG Supreme Canvas, which flows into the antique rose suede detail that peeks out. The Blooms print starts on the top right hand corner of the bag and carries over to the entire back. The rose suede detail is a stunning hue, and the bag feels sexy and playful all at once.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag, $2,900 via Gucci

While printed canvas isn’t typically my go-to, I’ve found the finished product to be beyond beautiful. Gucci knows how to combine its monogram and change it up to make it modern and lust-worthy. Each bag has either suede or python trim on the flap closure and sides of the bag.

One of the reasons I’ve been such an avid Gucci fan over the years is both the outside and inside of the bags are beautiful and well-thought out, and that continues with the Dionysus. The interior of the bag has a zip center compartment, which gives it three areas: one zip and two open, all lined in GG canvas and suede.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag, $3,400 via Gucci

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag, $3,400 via Gucci

Another standout of the bunch is the Gucci Dionysus bee-embroidered bag, for which Gucci artisans used brass thread wrapped in silk, hand-embroidered the bee on to a panel of silk and then applied it to the front of the bag. The combination stands out and grabs your eye immediately, offering a very playful and nature-filled touch to the bag.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag, $3,400 via Gucci

The Dionysus comes in two sizes. The larger size is 12″W x 8″H x 4″D, while the smaller has dimensions of 11″W x 7″H x 3.5″D. I like both of the sizes because neither fells too big or too small when it comes to carrying a bag for daily use; which one you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences.

The major difference between the two sizes is the large shows more of the tri-fold gusset on the side of the bag, while the small bag looks like the interior is just one compartment, though there are three areas in the small bag as well. The larger size also offers a slim slide pocket on the back of the bag, which I always adore.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag,

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag, $2,250 via Gucci

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag,

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag, $2,250 via Gucci

The antiqued silver hardware compliments the earthy vibe of the bag really nicely, and I love the spur closure. Another nice touch that Gucci offers is complimentary personalization: Dionysus bags can be accented with your initials on the interior leather trim to create a special heirloom, free of charge.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag, $2,900 via Gucci

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag, $2,900 via Gucci

Gucci may be under new leadership and moving in a new direction, but I like where it’s going. Gucci Dionysus proves Michel’s understanding of the brand and its customers, melding a touch of the past with a present day sense of allure and beauty. The bags are all available via and range in price from $2,100 to $3,400.

Gucci Dionysus GG Bags

Gucci Dionysus Bags, purchase via Gucci

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