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Fendi By the Way Mini Satchel


The mini and micro bag influx has become ubiquitous, but I’ve just found a favorite. Nothing is cuter than Fendi’s By the Way micro satchel, a scaled-down version of one of their classics. This thing is so cute I can’t handle it. It’s like seeing an adorable newborn baby, and then having that uncontrollable hormonal surge.

The top-handle straps work the same way as the regular size: they pull up when in use and then can be pushed down flush when you’re using the shoulder strap. That strap is versatile enough to go from crossbody to resting short by your shoulder. You can also tuck your wrist through one strap, and use it as the perfect clutch. I love it in bright orange-red, it suddenly feels practical in black, and it’s already totally decadent in nude, tricked out with a crocodile tail of chunky crystals. But the python version, topped with fluffy monster accents, is, of course, the visual standout – and it will garner the most notice, along with a strong emotional need to buy. But to justify this semi-frivolous purchase, I am going for “practical” unembellished leather!